Challenges of Air Conditioning Services in Manhattan


In any major city, space becomes a valuable commodity. It's only natural that as cities grow and population sizes increase, so too will the space available to the individual decrease. In such an environment, making use of the limited space becomes absolutely vital, and this even includes necessities such as air conditioning. With air conditioners of the past typically being large, noisy monstrosities, quality Manhattan AC installation companies are creating business by installing new generations of advanced HVAC technology. Evan Novack is an employee with the Manhattan AC installation company Airtronics Air Conditioning Corporation, and he says that space is definitely a challenge when installing an AC in Manhattan.

"Although I've never been to Tokyo, I have a feeling that air conditioning services could only be harder in a place like Tokyo, and the most significant reason is space." Novack says that Manhattan apartments are small enough as it is, which means that people don't want to see or hear their AC units. Though Novack says this is definitely a challenge for certain air conditioning installation companies in Manhattan, he says that a company like his has a benefit in that it's been around for a while and knows what New Yorkers want. "I'm a third generation air conditioning guy - my father was in the business for over four decades and catered to the needs of sophisticated and refined Manhattanites for many years. So this is something my company is equipped to handle." The biggest challenge, Novack says, comes in both hiding the AC unit while at the same time keeping it accessible for service repairs and upgrades. "If nobody wants to see the unit, how do you leave enough space so it can be serviced properly and accessed?".

Additionally, Novack says that New York has much more restrictions on building codes that make it important to know how to navigate the various departments that regulate these things. "Different buildings are going to be more stringent about building code than others, and there are occasions where you need to obtain permits, fire department inspections, and install parts such as dampers that close so the AC unit doesn't spread smoky air or stuff like that." Another difficulty Novack cites in servicing a city such as New York is that because of its size – ranking as the 4th largest city in the world – catering to all the boroughs can be difficult, if not impossible. To solve this, Novack's company instead decided to limit their service area to Manhattan only, this way allowing them to provide personalized and reliable service even in such a large impersonal city such as New York.

Ultimately, Novack says that despite the challenges of working as a Manhattan AC installation company, it only requires an increased sensitivity to the local population's needs that other larger companies may not be able to provide. So if you need AC services in New York, consider Airtronics Air Conditioning as your home or commercial AC solution.