Easy and Green Methods to Improve AC Efficiency in Manhattan

New York City residents are notorious for their obsession with apartments. When it comes to renting or buying one, they trade tips and compare prices to no end. When it comes to living in one, they try to get every inch of use possible out of their apartments, coming up with elaborate storage solutions. And when it comes to keeping cool in their apartments, they are no different. Fortunately, there are a number of Manhattan commercial AC installation companies that provide easy and green ways to improve the temperature in your Manhattan residence, without sending the energy bill through the roof.

Evan Novack is an employee with Airtronics Air Conditioning Corporation, a commercial Manhattan AC installation company, and he says that one of the easiest things one can do is check the thermostats. "I visit with all of our accounts at one point or another - there isn't an account I haven't been to personally - and whenever I'm at n client's, I make it a point to check the thermostats." According to Novack, this will allow a person to see whether their air conditioning unit is functioning properly and outputting the amount of energy that it says it is. Though there are ways to do this without the help of an experienced technician, a company such as Novack's is able to perform this check using special-tailored technology made for this task. Additionally, Novack says that checking one's thermostat isn't just a matter of making sure the temperature is being read properly, but it is also important to make sure that it is running efficiently. "What I can do is make sure the thermostat is on a program where it doesn't run unnecessarily, and so it doesn't run after hours or run at cool temperatures when someone's not there." Novack says that to determine the right program for the space, he will ask the resident or business owner what times people are there, how many people, what the ideal temperature for that space is, etc. All of this will give him an idea as to what will work best for them.

Other ways to improve an AC unit's efficiency is simple maintenance tricks – checking to make sure that the filter is clean and that the airways aren't blocked. The house should also be checked to make sure there aren't any cracks or openings that cold air is escaping into. Novack also says that simply upgrading your air conditioning unit can be a good move, especially if you're using an ancient model since older models are less efficient and effective. "Coolant has changed drastically over the years," Novack says, "and when we install AC we use the most ozone friendly refrigerant since the block of ice."

However, even if you can't afford a new Manhattan commercial AC installation, there are a number of smaller home-remedies that you could employ. For instance, keeping the sun out during the day by installing blinds on the windows. The same concept applies to overhead lights as they generate heat as well. Therefore, many households opt to install dimmers. Ultimately, if you want to ensure that your commercial space or private residence is being as efficient as possible, it's worthwhile to enlist the services of an experienced Manhattan commercial AC installation company like Novack's who can understand the intricacies of keeping your apartment cool.